The Vatican reacts to The "See Change" Campaign
August 17, 1999

The conservative Italian newsagency Zenit reported the response of top Vatican spokesmen to The "See Change" Campaign.

Zenit quoted two official Vatican spokespeople outlining their objections to the campaign. "What privileges are they referring to?" Archbishop Renato Martino, Vatican Permanent Observer at the United Nations, asked the Italian daily Avvenire in its June 10 edition. "In fact, the Holy See has had both an active and passive right of legation since the 4th century. Its international juridical status is universally recognized. How can a seat at the U.N. be considered a privilege, when the Holy See has had stable diplomatic relations for centuries with a great number of countries?"

Zenit also quotes the official Holy See's spokesman, Joaquin Navarro-Valls who "dismissed" The "See Change" Campaign as "a clumsy attempt to silence the Catholic Church."