Project Censored selects The “See Change” Campaign
April 2000

The “See Change” Campaign has been listed as one of “the top 25 undercovered news stories in the United States.” Project Censored explores and publicizes the extent of censorship in the United States by locating stories about significant issues of which the public should be aware, but is not, for one reason or another. The project hopes to stimulate responsible journalists to provide more mass media coverage of those issues and to encourage the general public to demand mass media coverage of those issues or to seek information from other sources.

The citation read:
Title: Giving the Vatican the Boot
Source: Ms. Magazine, October/November 1999
Author: Laura Flanders
Faculty Evaluator: Laurel Holmstrom
Student Researchers: Corey Hale & Katie Anderson

The Holy See (the government of the Vatican/Catholic church) holds a position in the United Nations that is more powerful than any other non-governmental organization (NGO), enjoying the same status as politically neutral Switzerland. The Holy See claims to be the representative of “the entire people of God,” and promotes its agendas by threatening to "pull out" of any of the 300,000 health care facilities it owns worldwide, if the UN should attempt to force any of those facilities to provide abortion services or contraception services. This threat creates a hostage situation for poorer countries that are reliant on the church for poverty relief and basic health care.

The See Change Campaign was launched to challenge the Vatican's power. Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice asks, "Why should an entity that is in essence 100 square acres of office space and tourist attractions in the middle of Rome, with a citizenry that excludes women and children, have a place at the table where governments set policies? If the Vatican is a state, then EuroDisney deserves a place on the Security Council." This spring, the Church’s opposition prevented UN peacekeepers from distributing emergency contraception to rape victims in Kosovo.

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