Two Open Letters to the Vatican, from the Youth Coalition on ICPD+5 and an international coalition of women's groups
July 1, 1999

At the June United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York two open letters were distributed objecting to the obstructionism of the Holy See delegation. The meeting was the culmination of a long process to discuss progress since the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo. Representatives from the Holy See used its non-member permanent observer status to impede the progress of the meeting and attempted to define the rights articulated in the Cairo Programme of Action narrowly, and in some cases more narrowly than in the original document.

The first letter is from the Members of the Youth Coalition on ICPD+5—a body set up by the UN to ensure the inclusion of youth voices in the discussion. The second letter was initiated by Latin American women’s groups who were joined by the Women’s Coalition for ICPD.

From the Members of the Youth Coalition on ICPD+5
Women's groups press the Vatican for answers