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Selected press coverage about The “See Change” Campaign
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Le moment est venu de changer le statut du Saint-Siege
Paris, 14 mai 2003
Le Planning familial et des catholiques favorables à la laïcité ont lancé, mercredi à Paris, une campagne visant à changer le statut du Saint-Siège aux Nations unies, pour réduire son influence sur la planification des naissances et la santé des femmes, notamment dans les pays pauvres. More ®

Sägen am Heiligen Stuhl
Jelka Mayr-Singer
Frankfurter Rundschau (Germany), August 16, 2001

Der Rechtsstatus der römischen Kirche und des Staates Vatikanstadt in internationalen Organisationen More ®

Time for UN to jettison Vatican?
Eamonn McCann
Belfast Telegraph (Northern Ireland), November 29, 2000

Is it time for a "See-change" at the United Nations? A group of Dutch Euro-MPs thinks so, and has launched a campaign for the removal of the Vatican from the world body.


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Italian maverick politician urges abolition of Vatican state
Association France Presse
November 27, 2000

Maverick Italian politician Marco Pannella on Monday called for the Vatican's more than 70-year-old status as a separate country to be abolished as Catholicism was the only religion to be granted a sovereign state.


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Doorbreek machtspositie Vaticaan
Lousewies van der Laan (D66), Elly Plooij-van Gorsel (VVD) en Joke Swiebel (PvdA)
Trouw (The Netherlands), November 18, 2000

De katholieke kerk is de enige godsdienst die als staat vertegenwoordigd is in de wereldpolitiek. Via haar wereldwijde netwerk van ambassadeurs en haar vertegenwoordiging in organisaties als de VN, OVSE en WTO zit zij als enige levensbeschouwing aan de tafel waar regeringen beleid maken.



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Dutch MPs protest Vatican international voting rights over AIDS
Agence France Presse
November 18, 2000
THE HAGUE -- A group of Dutch politicians launched a campaign on Saturday against the Vatican City being represented as a state in the UN because it can block vital decisions on women's rights and AIDS.


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Women: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?
Katha Pollitt
The Nation, June 26, 2000
Five years ago, the United Nations' Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing produced a remarkable Declaration and Platform for Action.


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Family planning federation urges Vatican to change policy
Associated Press, June 23, 2000
An international family planning group urged Pope John Paul II on Friday to ease the Roman Catholic church's opposition to birth control and abortion.


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Editorial: Justice still eludes women
The Hindu (India), June 21, 2000
The growing role of the NGOs as watchdogs of the U.N. process and of their own governments lends credibility to events such as Beijing+5.
Vatican Role at U.N. Questioned
Ellen Sung, June 9, 2000

Five years after the landmark U.N. Women's Conference in Beijing, China, a follow-up U.N. conference on women's issues was held this week in New York.


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Playing the Catholic Card
Adele M. Stan, June 8, 2000
Ever since he was called on the carpet for speaking in a noted anti-Catholic venue, Bob Jones University, during the Republican primary, GOP presidential hopeful Gov. George W. Bush has been scrambling to try to rebuild his image among America's Roman Catholics.



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Catholic women activists protest Vatican's UN role
Deborah Zabarenko
Reuters, June 8, 2000
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Aboard a two-masted schooner sailing outside U.N. headquarters, Catholic activists chanted and waved pennants Thursday to protest the Vatican's role at a global meeting aimed at improving women's lives.



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The devil and the deep Holy See
Joanna Manning
The Globe and Mail (Canada), June 5, 2000
What gives the Vatican the right to speak as a state opposed to equality for women, asks former nun Joanna Manning


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Vatican's U.N. role
The Charleston Gazette June 01, 2000
AS IF THERE already weren't enough issues in the 2000 presidential campaign, another has been added: the U.N. status of the Vatican.


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Pro-Choice Catholic Group Challenges Vatican at U.N.
Kevin Eckstrom
Religion News Service, June 2000
Frances Kissling is under no illusions that her latest campaign will endear her to the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy.


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Group's bid to strip Vatican's U.N. status comes under fire
Terence J. Kivlan
The Chronicle (Muskegon, Michigan) May 14, 2000
Don't tell Frances Kissling, the head of Catholics for Free Choice, that she's anti-Catholic because she wants to strip the Vatican of its member-state status in the United Nations.


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US-based Catholic group, feminists oppose Vatican at UN
Agence France-Presse, March 15, 2000
UNITED NATIONS, March 14 (AFP) - A US-based Catholic organization opposed to the Vatican's anti-abortion stance and feminist groups on Tuesday demanded a review of the Holy See's status as a non-member state at the United Nations.



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NGOs Call For Review of U.N. Status of Holy See
Mithre J. Sandrasagra
Inter Press Service, March 14, 2000
A coalition of over 450 women's and human rights groups worldwide, led by Catholics For a Free Choice (CFFC), have launched a campaign calling for a review of the Holy See's status at the United Nations.
Press Conference Sponsored By United States Mission
United Nations Press Briefing
United Nations, New York, March 14, 2000
The status of the Holy See as a Non-Member State Permanent Observer at the United Nations should be reviewed, representatives of Catholics for a Free Choice and other women's and civil society groups urged at a Headquarters press conference this morning.



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Campaña de las ONG para echar al Vaticano de la ONU
R. M. DE R
El País (Spain), Domingo, 13 febrero 2000
La iglesia católica, observador permanente en Naciones Unidas, comienza a estar preocupada.
Le Ong contro il Vaticano "Via la Santa Sede dall'Onu"
Francesca Caferri
CNN (Italy), February 8, 2000
CITTA' DEL VATICANO (CNN) -- "Via il Vaticano dall'Onu". Con questo slogan un gruppo di organizzazioni non governative (Ong) ha lanciato una campagna per chiedere a Kofi Annan di togliere al Vaticano il suo status di osservatore permanente presso le Nazioni Unite.
See-Sickness at the United Nations
Judith Hayes
The Happy Heretic, November 1999

Remember when we were kids and had to memorize all the states and their capitals? I can still recall the pride I felt in accomplishing that feat. Jefferson City, Bismarck, Frankfort, they were all there, tucked away in my memory, retrievable at a moment's notice.




Catholic Support for the ICPD Programme of Action
Frances Kissling
Entre Nous, Summer/Autumn 1999

Five years ago in Cairo, the world's nations came together at the United Nations' International Conference on Population and Development to endorse a 20-year plan for dealing with those crucial and complex issues.


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Giving The Vatican The Boot
Laura Flanders
Ms. Magazine, October/November 1999
Last June at the United Nations, delegates gathered to draft a document for the General Assembly special session on population and development.

The Vatican at the United Nations: A Cause for Concern
Frances Kissling, President, Catholics for a Free Choice
Human Rights Tribune, September 1999

Usually, United Nations proceedings are conducted in an atmosphere with enough diplomatic nicety to put the most afflicted insomniac to sleep.
Women and involvement of church in the UN
Dr. Maswoodur Rahman Prince
Independent (Bangladesh), September 3, 1999
An international campaign to challenge the Vatican's status at the United Nations was launched by a coalition of women's religious and reproductive rights and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in
March 1999.

Taking Aim at Holy See: Group Wants UN to Limit its Credentials
Charles W. Bell
New York Daily News, September 4, 1999


Even by the fragmented standards of the United Nations, the Holy See and Switzerland make up an unusual bloc—they are the only two entities that are nonmember states with permanent observer status.


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Q: Is the U.N. women’s agenda riding roughshod over religion?
Symposium with Diane Sabom and Frances Kissling
Insight On The News, September 6, 1999

Diane Sabom  
Yes: Newly minted women’s rights are squeezing
freedom of religion and conscience.

Frances Kissling
No: The agenda aligns with the teachings of most
world religions regarding women.

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Catholics bid to strip Vatican of statehood
Rupert Cornwell
Independent on Sunday (UK), August 29, 1999



When should the Vatican City not be a state? According to Catholics for a Free Choice, the answer is simple: when the Holy Church uses its diplomatic clout to block international initiatives on birth control and family planning
Time fast running out for the Vatican as a political power
TP O'Mahony
The Examiner (Cork, Ireland) August 21, 1999

TP O'Mahony on the political and social impact of the Catholic Church in the developing world





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Lobby Talk: Targeting Vatican’s U.N. Status
Ron Eckstein
Legal Times, Week of August 16, 1999



Reproductive rights groups have never had to look very far to find adversaries: From local school boards to state legislatures to congressional foes, there are plenty of forces with which they are at odds at any given time.
Catholic reformists lobby to rid Vatican of observer status at UN, end influence
Steven Edwards
National Post (Canada), August 12, 1999


Catholic reformists are calling on the United Nations to rescind the Vatican status as an "observer" state since it claims the Holy See is using the seat to block access to contraception for women in developing countries.
Row over birth control fuels attack on Vatican’s UN voice
Richard Reeves
Observer (UK), August 8, 1999



A furious row has broken out in the Catholic Church over the Vatican’s nation status at the UN, with critics accusing the Pope of using the seat to try to block access to contraception for women in developing countries.
Cairo +5: The Vatican at the United Nations
Frances Kissling
Conscience, Summer, 1999



When the nations of the world came together five years ago at a United Nations conference in Cairo, they forged what commentators everywhere have called a "remarkable consensus" on population and development issues.
La Santa Sede ¡A Su Lugar!
Laura E. Asturias
Diario Siglo Veintiuno (Guatemala), July 10, 1999
Es innegable que el Vaticano, como escribe José Joaquín Camacho en su artículo del sábado pasado, ha jugado un papel importante a favor de la dignidad humana.


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Women's Groups Oppose Vatican on Family Planning
Paul Lewis
New York Times, July 2, 1999



Frustrated by the Vatican's efforts to thwart a plan to limit world population growth, 126 women's organizations from around the world presented an open letter to the Roman Catholic Church today at a conference here.   
Liberal Catholics challenge Vatican's role at the UN
The Religion Report, Radio National, Australia
Presenter: John Cleary, June 16, 1999
The transcript of a discussion between Tony Hasssan, ABC News, Australia and Frances Kissling, president of Catholics for a Free Choice about The "See Change" Campaign.
Grupos católicos denuncian el poder del Vaticano en la ONU
Francisco Cañizares
Diario 16 (Spain), June 12, 1999



La asociación Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir cuestiona el estatus de la Iglesia, que utiliza para vetar las políticas que contradicen su moral sexual.
A Callous and Coercive Policy
Frances Kissling
Religion News Service, May 24, 1999



As if things were not grim enough for Kosovar refugees, officials in the Roman Catholic church are now trying to deny emergency contraception to women who have been raped in the crisis.


Fury at Pope's pill ban
Sarah Hall and Philip Willan
Guardian (UK), May 13, 1999

The Vatican came under fire from family planning groups yesterday for claiming that offering the morning-after pill to raped Kosovan women was tantamount to promoting abortion.                     
Women want Vatican out of UN
Thalif Deen
Botswana Gazette, (Botswana, Africa) April 21, 1999

United Nations – An international coalition of more than 70 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has launched a global campaign to oust the Vatican from the United Nations.
Pope Pourri
Katha Pollitt
Nation, April 19, 1999

Catholics for a Free Choice, leading a coalition of more than seventy nongovernmental organizations from around the world, is challenging the Vatican's Non-Member State Permanent Observer status at the UN.    
Canadians join move to oust Vatican from UN International coalition
Christopher Shulgan
Ottawa Citizen (Canada), April 19, 1999

A growing number of Canadian Catholics are joining an international coalition that aims to remove the Vatican from the United Nations, in an effort to muffle the Pope's voice on women's reproductive issues. 
At U.N., Activists Vie With Vatican Over Abortion
Paul Lewis
New York Times, April 4, 1999

In a novel twist to the fight over legal abortion, an organization of Roman Catholic activists has begun a drive to demote the diplomatic status of the Vatican at the United Nations, though in reality it only hopes to curb its lobbying style.
Nuevamente El Vaticano: Impide avance en los temas de población
Crónica Azul, (Bolivia), No. 34, March-April, 1999

Nuevamente como hace cinco años, El Vaticano y países conservadores intentan revertir los acuerdos logrados en el terreno de población consensados por más de 180 países en el pasado Foro Internacional de La Haya, en el cual se revisaron los avances de la Conferencia Internacional sobre Población y Desarrollo celebrada en 1994 en El Cairo, Egipto.
Campaign to challenge Vatican's status at UN
Patsy McGarry
Irish Times (Ireland), March 25, 1999

An international campaign to challenge the Vatican's status at the United Nations, particularly UN conferences on population control, was opened in New York yesterday.
The Case Against The Vatican: Guilty as Charged
Frances Kissling
Free Inquiry
, Spring 1999

In 1993, the year before the International Conference on Population and Development in Cairo began, the Vatican campaigned with a vengeance against the consensus taking shape around the United Nations conference.

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