The "See Change" Broadside

The "See Change" Broadside is a regular publication, emailed to supporters of the campaign, progressive Catholics and collegial organizations. We aim to show how the hierarchy of the Catholic church involves itself in public policy debates and, relying on sectarian religious positions, can, and does, obstruct progressive legislation. There is no copyright on this information. All we ask is that you tell people where it came from.

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Broadside #3 (April 9, 2001)  
Following reports of the sexual abuse of nuns carried out by priests in as many as 23 countries, members of the European Parliament passed an emergency motion censuring the Vatican. The non-executive resolution, "Responsibility of the Vatican in Regard to the Violation of Human Rights by Catholic Priests," was passed by 65 votes to 49 with six abstentions on Thursday, April 5. Read on
Broadside #2 (April 3, 2001)  
The Vatican Bank has asked a US court to throw out a lawsuit charging it with laundering gold and other assets stolen by a Nazi puppet regime, arguing that the Vatican has immunity from legal action because it is an independent state. Read on
Broadside #1 (March 27, 2001)  
The hierarchy of the Catholic church in Europe has issued several statements severely criticizing the recently signed European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights. The charter was approved at a summit of European Union leaders in Nice, France, on December 7. Read on